dj Base in OKC.


The reception is an important part of any wedding, and if you are planning a DJ and dancing at yours, we can help with that.

Our mobile setup is able to entertain just about any size reception. Are you wanting an intimate gathering of close friends under a gazebo in the park, or perhaps you want to have everyone you know join you at a large dance hall? We can handle either those, and most anything in between.

You probably have a few questions, like:

What kind of music will the DJ play? What ever music you like. Weddings are not about us, its about you, so you can steer the genre, any direction you like. You let us know what kind of music you are looking for, give us a few of your favorites, and let dj Base take it from there. Or, perhaps, you prefer to build the play-list yourself, dj Base would be happy to spin it for you.
Will the DJ make announcements for us? Yep, anytime you need him too.
Will the DJ interact will the crowd? Yes, he will, anytime they need him too.
Will the DJ take requests? Of course, if he has it, he'll play it (as long as it fits the theme of the reception).
Will the DJ let us use the PA to make toasts and announcements? Absolutely, not a problem at all.

We will work with you and your wedding planner to make sure we provide all the entertainment you and your guests will need, and help to make the night one to remember.

For you and your guests, our Facebook guy will setup a private Facebook event, where you are admins, so you can give any guests that might have some musical input, an invite. Why? So they can make music request so we can play the music they actually want to hear. This works great for making sure we bring that one obscure, but completely favorite tune.

Have questions, need more information, want to book a gig? Shoot an email to or give us a call at (405) 509-5479.