dj Base in OKC.


What do we offer for our standard Prom package? It's all up to you.

Need just a little sound, we can do that. Need a lot of sound, we can do that, too. Lights? Yep, not a problem. Scanners, effects, UV's, wash lights and lasers. Want a mirror ball for those slow dances, got that ready to go. Oh, yea, we mix with video too, if you want it. We run fog, but only if the venue allows it, of course....

What kind of music do we play? Any genre you like. For Proms (and any other high school related events) your music is "cleaned up" and appropriate for the crowd.

Will your DJ talk? Yep, anytime you need him too.
Will your DJ interact will the crowd? Yep, anytime they need him too.
Will your DJ take requests? Yep, if he has it (and it fits the "what kind of music do we play" rule, he will play it).
Will your DJ mix the music? Yep, he was a bit of a club DJ for a while, so it's kind of a habit.
Will he scratch? Probably not (it's really better that way...)

Will your DJ do everything he can to make your Prom a night to remember? Absolutely, and here is how:

We will work with your and your prom committee to make sure what we do fits your theme, provides all the musical entertainment you need, and works to make it the best prom it can be.

For your students, our Facebook guy (yea, we got a guy) will setup a private Facebook event, where your prom coordinators are admins, so they can give any students that want it, an invite. Why? So they can make music request so we can play the music they actually want to hear, instead of what our DJ thinks they want to hear. Does this actually work? Yep, it has proven to be a very effective way students to get their musical voice heard. It really is as easy as that.

Have questions, need more information, want to book a gig? Shoot an email to or give us a call at (405) 509-5479.