dj Base in OKC.


There are a number of events where a DJ is just the entertainment solution you need. Here are just a few:

College offers multiple balls, banquets, mixers and parties, usually involving a Fraternity and Sorority.

High School will usually offer many dances beyond just Prom. Formals, banquets, homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, and various other themed dances, just to name a few.

Corporate dances are usually trade show, retreat or holiday related, but they should all have a quality DJ running the gig.

Our mobile DJ team has years of experience providing DJ services for events of all kinds. We started as the resident DJ for a fraternity at NSU, then quickly expanded to be the go-to DJ service for most of the Greek system at the same university. All the while, we presented Proms, lock-ins, and theme party services to various high schools in and around North East Oklahoma. Once graduated, and having joined the workforce, we have provided DJ services for various corporate holiday parties, as well as employee appreciation events.

Have questions, need more information, want to book a gig? Shoot an email to or give us a call at (405) 509-5479.